Our Story

Since the company was born, in 2012, REEF CINEMA SERVICE S.R.L. has offered its help and collaborated with almost every high standard film production in the country. We understand the importance of giving to our costumers the most respectful treatment, and that a good result speaks always for its self.

REEF was the first company working with ARRI ALEXA and COOKE S4 in the island, bringing high workflow standards and incredible results to a film called “The Lieutenant Amado”, and others that came afterwards as “Biodegradable”, “Quien Manda (Who Rules)” and the resent sequel of one of the blockbusters of Dominican Republic “Sanky Panky 2”. Also titles as recent as “Quiero Ser Fiel (I Want To Be Loyal)” and “Código Paz (Code: Peace)” are included in our list, as a prove of fructifying relationships between our company and the costumers.

Who we are

REEF CINEMA SERVICE S.R.L. is a Digital Cinematography Service Company; a Provider for cameras, lenses and accessories equipment for the film industry in Dominican Republic and the Caribbean; and mainly, is a company that believes a cinematographic project always has unique characteristic and should be treated in specific ways, having as philosophy to work in the best environment possible and with the best personnel we can. Our technicians believe in the process of taking the best decisions according to what they face, and tray to aim at it in a suitable manner. Conferring crucial importance to every detail mentioned.

As our best interest and effort goes to acquire such great results, and due to our high expertise in a film process, our technical personnel is highly qualified and trained, which is radically important concerning the selection of a proper workflow and making suggestions for better project developments and finalization. Which is, at the end, REEF CINEMA final goal.

Once on the set, our team is equipped with a DIT (Digital Image Technician)´s STATIONS which was build thinking in providing the fastest and more professional result directly on set through our On-Set´s LABS, guarantying safe data procedures and stable management during the whole process until the final copy is done. We understand that every digital image processing is always beginning in the set and it is built from the idea of getting as much as possible from the very first moment.

Our contribution to the Dominican Cinematography is through out our Technological Excellency and a concise technical support, reassuring safety and quality in the process of Digital Cinema.